Case Study

Omen HP & Frankie Ward​

Global digital endemic content


HP wanted to grow brand awareness and increase consideration amongst gamers and the wider 18-39 audience by showcasing the awesome features of their brand-new PC, the HP Omen.


Gamers and AP 18-39 are highly savvy consumers. They don’t mind being sold to provided the context is native and the content authentic, and value reviews from trustworted sources. With her friendly countenance, broad appeal and regular use of the Omen range, we knew that renowned PUBG & CSGO presenter & interviewer Frankie Ward would a great fit to showcase the product.


LPL worked with Frankie to challenge gamers to play her at PUBG, livestreaming the game to her 60K Twitch followers. She gave away HP prizes throughout the livestream, driving engagement and discussion about the product in the Twitch chat and instream. We served this up by:

  • Promoting Frankie’s upcoming livestream on our Twitch broadcasts, social media channels, EDM &
  • Liaising with Frankie and players to arrange the tournament
  • Accessing the PUBG servers for gameplay, integrating it with Frankie’s Twitch action and her fan’s POV cam & gameplay and broadcasting it on LPL’s Twitch channel, Frankie’s Twitch channel and HP’s global social media channel


The campaign was a great success, providing a massive boost to sales numbers and driving positive sentiment towards Omen HP peripherals.