Case Study

V Energy Gamechanger​

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V Energy wanted to find a new and disruptive way to tell their brand story and stay front of mind with AP18-39 YO together with Kiwi gamers. They partnered with Mediaworks radio stations, Fuse OMD and LPL to create the V Energy Game changer, an epic celebrity gaming and esports tournament that leveraged top tier celebrity talent, LPL’s blue chip production capabilities and Mediawork’s baked in promotional platforms.


Presenters from The Rock, Mai FM and George radio stations challenged each other to a two-day gaming competition, the V Energy Game Changer. Each radio station formed their own gaming team featuring a celebrity streamer, a musician, a sportsperson and a fan competing in a variety of gaming titles.

  • During the campaign hosts from all 3 radio stations promoted the event with shoutouts and on-air interviews, as well as posts and competitions on their social media channels.
  • LPL ran a corresponding competition on our own social media channels.
  • The grand final was held in front of a live audience at Sky City Theatre and was broadcast on LPL Twitch, Sky Sports, and hosted on Mediaworks Mai FM, George FM and The Rock websites.


The V Energy Game Changer campaign reached over 300,000 esports/gaming and radio fans, and was campaign was a Finalist for the NZ Radio Awards 2021 - Best Client Promotion/Activation category.


Watch the live stream