Case Study

Vodafone Stream Squad

NZ digital telco influencers partner endemic


With a brand new wifi offering, ​Vodafone were looking to showcase the optimum gaming and esports experience​ to Kiwi video game fans.


Together we created the Vodafone Streaming Squad, a team of four high profile Kiwi gamers with complementary backgrounds tasked with showcasing Vodafone’s awesome connectivity experience. Each squad member brought along their own legion of fans who love to watch them game, review, crack jokes or drop beats.


LPL produced livestreams and activations featuring the squad playing games, sharing ideas and raising money for charity both onsite at our studio, and remotely during strict lockdowns. We integrated all four of the squad’s streams with bespoke GFX and gameplay footage, live charity tickers and custom emotes, serving up the livestream across LPL and Vodafone’s owned platforms as well as the squad’s owned channels.


As well as raising thousands for the Vodafone Foundation and inspiring its very own Twitter meme, the Streaming Squad showed over 2 million gaming fans how dedicated Vodafone are to delivering the ultimate gaming experience for their customers.


Watch the live stream