Who Is LPL?

Based in New Zealand, LPL is a specialised esports media company which operates on a global level.

At LPL we are building an eco-system that will underpin the continued growth of global esports. We strive to empower players, viewers and partners alike to find purpose in competitive video games.

Our work takes the form of television broadcaster, event producers, IP owners and talent management.

Through LPL’s unique set of partnerships, we create esports projects that deliver outstanding experiences to our audience – and measurable commercial results for our partners.

LPL delivers high visibility world-class tournaments for brands and publishers.

Publishers we have worked with include Activision, Bandai Namco  Entertainment Inc, Riot, Sony and 2K.

LPL’s purpose-built esports broadcasting studio is based on Level 2 of the Auckland SKY Tower. The SKY Tower is hard to miss, it’s the most iconic building in New Zealand and a key tourism destination.

Our all-ages studio can deliver 4K and HD broadcasts and allows LPL to film live esports events held at SKYCITY Theatre (700pax) and the New Zealand International Convention Centre Theatre (3000pax), once opened. Dedicated soundproofed PC, console and commentator booths host ANZ esports competitions and play host to streamers and influencers.

The studio links to most major venues in Australia and New Zealand allowing LPL to coordinate and broadcast events throughout the region and the Asia Pacific.